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This Guzzle Post Explains The Various Causes That Lead To Eye Irritation.

Some eye diseases, in the absence of a proper diagnosis and treatment, can cause mild to severe blindness. Eyelid cysts can be a painful and annoying condition. This guzzle post explains the various causes that lead to eye irritation. Visual snow disturbs the normal vision where an individual sees snow-like objects that prevent him from viewing things clearly. Pilocarpine works by stimulating the secretion of saliva and sweat in the body. It is common to have a blurry vision for a few days after the lasik eye surgery. Having itchy, watery red eyes can be a symptom of an eye problem or allergy. Read on ... The eye might bulge and the retina may be damaged if left untreated.


Contact lens wearers must therefore be very careful. In this guzzle article we will discuss about the types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of keratitis. Too much of eye make-up or those wearing contact lenses are also at increased risk of eyelid problems. Diabetic patients are also prone to this condition.